More Information

More Information

1Who is eligible for a lung health check?

You will be invited for a lung health check if your local GP practice patient records show that

  • You are aged 55 to under-75
  • You live in Nottingham City
  • You are a current or former smoker
2What is a lung health check?

A lung health check is an MOT of your lungs and will check that they are working as they should be. If eligible you will be invited for a telephone assessment where an advisor will ask general questions about your lifestyle, medical and family history. You may then be invited to a face-to-face appointment with a nurse and a CT scan.

3How and when will I be invited?

The Lung Health Checks is a multi-year programme which will be gradually introduced in stages across our community. You will receive an invitation letter in the post when your GP practice is being invited.

4Are lung health checks free?
Yes. Lung health checks are provided by the NHS and are completely free of charge.
5When will appointments be available?
Your appointment for your initial lung health check telephone assessment will be in your invitation letter. If you require a lung CT scan this will be booked during the call. Scans will be available 6 days per week, Monday to Saturday and between 8.00am-8.00pm.
6Will I have a CT scan?
You will only have an ultra-low dose CT scan if the findings from the Lung Health Check telephone assessment determine you are at risk and need a CT scan.
7Is the information available in other languages?
The patient booklet has been translated into several other languages. Please contact us on 0115 896 3600 (Nottingham) 01623 572500 (Mansfield) and we can arrange for this to be sent to you. Translation and interpretation services can also be arranged for scan appointments.
8Is there support available to those deaf or hard of hearing?
Yes. Please contact the booking team on 0115 896 3600 (Nottingham) 01623 572500 (Mansfield) and we can arrange for sign language specialists to be booked.
9Is there support available for people with a learning disability?
Yes. There is an information leaflet available in easy read. We can also make extra time available on the mobile unit and make allowances for carers to attend.
10Does the mobile unit have wheelchair access?
Yes. There is wheelchair access on the mobile unit for those who require it. Please be aware that you will need to lay flat and independently transfer on to the CT scanner.
11What happens after my lung health check?
You should receive the results of your Lung Health Check within 4 weeks of your visit. Usually, the team will write to you and your GP with the result.
12What might the scan show?
Most people’s scans are normal, and no further action is needed. Everyone in the Lung Health Check programme will be brought back for a second check two years after their first. In about 1 in 4 people, the lung scan will show a lung nodule. Occasionally you may need further tests because of changes seen on your scan. Sometimes the doctors or nurses will contact you by phone to discuss your results. In about 3 out of a 100 people the scan might show evidence of a lung cancer. If there is any concern about cancer, an appointment will be arranged at your local hospital Trust so that you can discuss your scan with the specialist doctors and nurses.
13How can I tell the different between symptoms of lung cancer and covid-19?

We understand that some symptoms of lung cancer are like those of coronavirus. It is important to look out for anything that is unusual for you. If you notice any of the following, without coronavirus symptoms. Please contact your GP as soon as possible for:

  • Unexplained persistent cough
  • Unexplained persistent breathlessness
  • Fatigue lasting four or more weeks
  • Persistent or recurrent chest infection
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Appetite loss
  • If you are unsure or do not want to attend because of concerns about coronavirus, then please contact the lung health check appointment team to discuss this.
14Is there any other places I can read information about lung health checks?

Yes please take a look at the programme website on or the Roy Castle Lung Foundation Website or

An information leaflet will also be included alongside your invitation letter.

15I have a question about the lung health checks, who do I need to speak to?
Please call the booking line on 0115 896 3600 (Nottingham) 01623 572500 (Mansfield) and the team will be able to assist.
16What can I do to reduce my risk of lung cancer?
The single best thing you can do to prevent lung cancer is not smoke. If you do smoke and would like to stop, there is free, local, and expert support available. The nurse at your lung health check will put you in touch with these services. You are three times more likely to quit smoking with help from a Stop Smoking Service.
17Do I need to get undressed?
For the majority of people you will not need to get undressed as the CT scan can be performed fully clothed. However, please avoid wearing jewellery and clothes containing metal (such as zips), as these will need to be removed.

If you can’t find the answer to your query please feel free to contact us